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1st Phorm Protein Powder Review: Why You’ll Find It In My Recipes!

published: October 18, 2023

updated: October 18, 2023


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PSA: The quality and integrity of the protein powder you use matters!

If you’re following me on social media or have tried any of my recipes that contain protein powder, then it’s no secret that I frequently reach for 1st Phorm protein powders. I have used and loved 1st Phorm products for a few years now, but their protein is one of the top supplements I use.

As a macro coach who is always preaching the importance of proper nutrition and protein intake and as a recipe creator who specializes in protein-packed treats and snacks, it’s essential that I have at least a few go-to protein powders that I can confidently use in my recipes and recommend to others. 1st Phorm is one of them.

The goal of this post is to share with you why I choose 1st Phorm in many of my recipes, what circumstances I don’t recommend using it in, my favorite flavors, and most importantly, I’ll share a handful of my favorite recipes using 1st Phorm Protein!

Two Protein Powders to Choose From

First, it’s important to note that 1st Phorm offers two different whey protein powders to choose from; Level-1 and Phormula-1, each serving a different purpose and offering different value. I use Level-1 about 95% of the time, so my focus will be on that, however, I will talk about Phormula-1, too, as this powder serves an important role.

level-1 and phormula-1 by 1st phorm

Level-1 is a low-temperature processed whey protein powder that contains an average of 24g of protein per serving and 140 calories. This is a sustained assimilation protein powder which means that it’s meant to mimic the slow digestion of real food which leads to higher satiety and satisfaction aka you won’t feel like you need to eat again immediately after downing your protein shake, a common problem amongst those who utilize protein powder shakes to hit their daily protein intake.

Phormula-1, on the other hand, is a fast-digesting protein that’s formulated to get your your muscles as quickly and efficiently as possible. This protein powder is best used as a post-workout meal, especially when paired with Ignition, 1st Phorm’s fast-digesting carb source. The combination of Phormula-1 and Ignition is what 1st Phorm refers to as its post-workouts stack and it’s incredibly beneficial for those who have goals in the gym.

Level-1 Protein

level-1 protein powder

Now that we covered the two protein powder options from 1st Phorm, I want to get into each one a touch more. Level 1 is my go-to for recipes as well as for mixing up a shake when I need a quick hit of protein. 

Prior to trying Level-1, most protein powders left a bad taste in my mouth, literally. I was never a fan because they were grainy, chalky, and honestly, not very pleasant to consume. I discovered Level-1 and the 1st Phorm brand in general through a few women I was following on Instagram. They were raving about how good this protein powder was, and although it was a little pricey for me, I jumped in and tried it because I was sick of wasting my money on random Amazon or store-bought protein powders that really didn’t offer a good experience at all.

My first tub of Level-1 was the Cinnamon Cookie Batter flavor and I was in love with the first scoop. This was truly the first protein powder I had tried that actually not only had a really great flavor but also mixed really well and provided a smooth and creamy texture. I always use almond milk and this was one of the first proteins that mixed really with with it.

If you do some research, you’ll read that 1st Phorm uses low-temperature processed ingredients to formulate its protein powders. Obviously, I am not a supplement expert or any kind of scientific mind so I really can’t say that this specific factor is what makes Level-1 a great protein powder, but if I had to guess, it probably plays a pretty big role. It’s also why the price tag is higher than some other options.

Best Used For

  • A quick liquid snack
  • Baking
  • Mixing into protein desserts and snacks

Phormula-1 Protein

phormula-1 protein powder

This whey protein isolate powder serves a different purpose than Level-1. Phormula-1 is a quick-digesting protein that’s best taken in a post-workout situation when your muscles are in a broken-down state. A quick-digesting protein like Phormula-1 has the ability to get right to work building and repairing your muscles for optimal muscle growth and development.

Phormula-1 contains an average of 20g of protein and 100 calories per scoop. It’s most effective when you pair it with Ignition, a fast-digesting carb source. The combination of Phormula-1 + Ignition is actually insanely delicious, and creamy, and will feel like a treat post-workout. 

For those who have serious goals in the gym, adding a rapid assimilation protein powder to your recovery plan will net you some serious gains as well as help you recover more quickly. I have gone through periods where I used Phormula-1 religiously to help me get stronger and build more muscle. My husband is actually the one who is most consistent with using 1st Phorm’s post-workout stack which features Phormula-1. He uses this protein powder daily and swears by it.

Best Used For

  • Post-workout nutrition

My Flavor Recommendations

I’m a little bland when it comes to protein powder flavors, I usually stay stocked up on the basics, especially since I use protein powder in a lot of recipes. That being said, Phormula-1 is a good protein powder to get a fun flavor in as it’s best used on its own as a post-workout shake.

My Favorite Phormula-1 Flavors

  • Chocolate Mint Cookie
  • CTC (Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
  • Magical Cereal (takes just like Lucky Charms!)
  • Chocolate Milkshake

My Favorite Level-1 Flavors

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Cinnamon Cookie Batter
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte (seasonal flavor)

My Favorite Protein Powder Recipes Using Level-1

I think the best way to showcase how I use Level-1 in a variety of ways is to share a handful of my favorite protein powder recipes. Here’s what I got!

making a dessert with 1st phorm protein powder

Should You Try 1st Phorm Protein Powder?

Yes, if you’re looking for a premium quality protein powder that you can reliably add to a variety of recipes, snacks, desserts, and protein shakes. The biggest concern when considering 1st Phorm protein is the price. At around $60 per tub, it’s not a cheap protein powder. I could go on and on about how I think this protein powder tastes better, mixes better, etc., but if your budget is tight, I doubt getting the highest quality protein powder is on the top of your list.

That being said, if you’re someone who has the budget for and values protein powder that’s a cut above the rest, 1st Phorm is a great investment. 

For those seeking a more affordable option, I like Gold Standard protein powder from Optimum Nutrition which you can purchase from Costco or Amazon for less than $40 for a 30-day supply. Is it the best protein powder? No, but it gets the job done!

The last thing I want to mention when considering who should try 1st Phorm protein powder (or any product from 1st Phorm for that matter), is if you’re in alignment with the brand itself. Purchasing from a brand like 1st Phorm, which is a direct-to-consumer brand is quite different from purchasing from Amazon or Costco - I feel as though the connection is a bit deeper.

For me, 1st Phorm is a brand that has integrity and values that are in alignment with my own, which makes me feel great about spending my money there. I highly recommend doing your research and getting to know the brand, its values, its promises, and its overall reputation before making a purchase. 

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using 1st Phorm Level-1 in many of my recipes as well as for a quick protein shake when I need one. I think it’s a great product and I feel confident recommending it, especially since I have only ever received fantastic feedback from those who use it. But I don’t want you to think that you need to buy the most expensive protein powder in order to create our recipes - you don’t! 

Yes, the quality of the protein powder you choose will matter and will definitely affect the outcome of your recipe or protein shake, but it’s not usually a make-or-break situation.

If 1st Phorm is aligned with your needs, budget, and preferences, awesome, you’re going to love it! If it’s not, no worries, there are a plethora of options out there to choose from. 

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