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Here's What Our FHM+ App Members Are Saying


"Really enjoying the app. Workouts are great. I like that you give a 30 or 60 minute option for all workouts plus an option for full body if you want to do those instead of splits. The recipes are great also. I love that you provide pdf’s to print. You really give a lot of value for the price. I highly recommend trying this app. I don’t think you will be disappointed!"

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"This app has everything nutrition and exercise you need. She has weekly meal plans as well as each meal has its own printable recipe card!! You have the super detailed workouts with a short visual clip of how to do that exercise! You can schedule your workouts in the calendar. The price of the monthly membership is well worth what you pay."


"Your recipes are balanced, tasty and easy to put together!"

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"This app is a huge timesaver for me and helps with meal prepping tremendously!"


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