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4-Week Fitness & Nutrition Program brought to you by the FHM+ App

What’s the TRIM?

The TRIM is a 4-week fitness and nutrition program designed to help you kickstart your weight loss goals, get your nutrition on track through macros, get stronger and leaner with at-home strength training workouts, and feel confident in your clothes and body.

User Transformations

before and after body transformation using FHM+ app
before and after body transformation using FHM+ app
before and after body transformation using FHM+ app

What’s Included?

For your one-time payment of $75, you get:

Custom Macros

Hand-calculated macros based on your goals. With your custom macros, you will also receive my 20-page “Getting Started With Macros” guide which will provide you with all the information and resources you need to make the most out of your macro tracking journey.

Exclusive TRIM Workouts

  • 4 weeks of strength training workouts with 30 or 60-minute options
  • 5 workouts per week with cardio recommendations
  • 2 lower body workouts, 2 upper body workouts, and 1 full body workout 
  • Workouts are designed to be done from home with minimal equipment (dumbbells, bands,  a bench, or an elevated surface) 
  • Each exercise includes detailed form cues and a form video to ensure proper form
  • Industry-leading exercise tracking, logging, and workout flow
  • Lifetime access to the program – these workouts are yours to keep!

Weekly Meal Plans & Exclusive Recipes

4 weeks of meal plans which include:

  • Recommendations for entrees, breakfast, and snacks/dessert each week (please note: these are NOT personalized meal plans!)
  • Brand new, app-exclusive recipes each week
  • Sample macro days to show you how to put the meals together based on standard calorie goals
  • A weekly grocery list
  • Recipe cards with full macro breakdown