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Nice to meet you!

I'm Tami

Macro & Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, & Healthy Recipe Creator

I’m here to help you find and enjoy the same food freedom that I did when I started tracking macros back in 2019. My hope is that you’ll start to uncover the truth about the link between nutrition and your goals and begin to understand that it’s not as hard or complicated as it has been made out to be.

I’m a regular mom, wife, and business owner. I don’t have all kinds of time to shop for, prepare, and clean up recipes that involve tons of ingredients and steps. Not to mention the fact that there’s slim to no chance that my family would eat those kinds of dishes anyway.

My passion for recipe creation began when I discovered that many of the macro-friendly recipe creators out there were sharing recipes that looked great, but the second I read to recipe card, I was intimidated and overwhelmed. I knew that there was a much easier way to eat in a macro-balanced fashion that didn’t require us to make multiple meals to accommodate the family. I want to eat the same meals as my family while simultaneously hitting my goals, and I know that you do, too.

You may know us from Fit Healthy Momma, which I started back in 2019 and created many of these simple macro-friendly recipes on that website, but decided to separate our recipes from our hands-on product reviews, which is when I started Fit Healthy Macros.

Now, on Fit Healthy Macros, we create realistic, relatable, and of course, delicious meals that will help you get dinner on the table without the stress and complication you’re used to. Macro-minded, family meals made SIMPLE.

So, we welcome you to join us! Whether you’re here for the recipes, macro education, workouts, or a combination of it all, we’re so grateful you found us and we can’t wait to see and hear about how our simplified approach to nutrition, meal planning, and fitness is helping you find more joy and freedom in your life. 

Recipe Creators

Meet The Team

Jessie Hulsey dietitian and recipe creator
Jesse Hulsey, MS, RDN

Recipe Creator

Jessie is a recipe creator and registered dietitian consultant, specializing in weight management, healthy aging, and behavioral nutrition in Atlanta, GA. Jessie creates easy, macro friendly recipes here at Fit Healthy Macros!

Chelsea Rice recipe creator and RD
Chelsea Rice, MS, RDN

Recipe Creator

Chelsea is the founder, owner, and content creator at NUWLi, a virtual nutrition private practice. Chelsea creates amazing recipes for Fit Healthy Macros!

Morgyn Clair, MS, RDN

Dietitian Consultant

Morgyn is the fellowship program administrator for the University of South Florida. She helps Fit Healthy Macros by making sure our content is accurate.