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Macro Recipe Membership

Inside our FHM+ App, the macro recipe membership has everything you need to succeed with a macro based diet plan at an affordable price ($10 per month)!

What Is The Macro Recipe Membership?

FHM's Macro Recipe Membership has everything you need to hit your macros, make delicious, family-friendly meals at home, and reach your goals. Each week, members receive 3 brand new exclusive recipes, adding to our fast-growing library (300+!) of high-protein, macro-balanced recipes. Along with the new weekly recipes, members receive a weekly meal plan guide, grocery list, and sample macro days to ensure they're set up for a week of success!

All of this is delivered inside our convenient, easy-to-use app (FHM+)!

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What's Included in The Macro Recipe Membership?

  • Hundreds of recipes to choose from with 3 new macro recipes each and every week, including member-exclusive recipes and first access recipes
  • Weekly meal plans with grocery lists available Friday mornings on your calendar so you have plenty of time to plan and get setup for nutrition success
  • Weekly sample macro days to help you understand how to build your nutrition plan
  • Recipes categorized for easy selection
  • Ingredients, directions, and macros all listed for each recipe & all recipes are pre-logged in MyFitnessPal and MacrosFirst for you
  • Search for any recipe you’d like using the search bar feature
  • Browse our library of past meal plans for easy inspiration
  • Community of hundreds of women

Macro Recipe Membership Reviews

Read all our reviews on the apple app store!

I have tried several recipes in your meal plans. I have enjoyed every one of them. They’re simple to make, flavorful and emphasize protein, which is something that I’m always looking to do. I’m also impressed that the recipes include main meals, snacks and desserts. Lots of yummy options 😋

Deborah C.

FHM's meal plans are wonderfully versatile. You can use them as is or put a few tweaks on them and make them your own! The recipes are simple, easy, and use normal panty staples. I find myself using 1-3 recipes weekly and then going back to older recipes often – and I am the pickiest of eaters! PSA: Make the Cottage Cheese Alfredo – you will not regret it!

Danielle H.

The weekly meal plans have been awesome! Little to know thinking is involved – you have sample menus (with calorie options), recipes, macros, and directions all in one place. The recipes are AMAZING and always family friendly! They are also easy. It's a total win for helping keep macro counting easy-peasy!

Apryl C.

OMG, I just have to rave about the skillet lasagna recipe! I love lasagna but not how time consuming the real deal is so this recipe is a game-changer. It's seriously so easy and taste amazing! I love that the ingredients are simple pantry staples and that I don’t have to make a sauce from scratch. The ricotta on top is really nice so that it’s not too overpowering. I've already made it twice already and every time it's a hit with my family. I honestly can't believe how delicious and easy this recipe is. If you're a lasagna lover like me, you have to try it!

Lauren C.

I recently found this group and I’ve made a few recipes so far. The recipes are so easy to make and delicious!!!! Really delicious!!!! I’ve now been scrolling through all the recipes. Skillet lasagna is next!!!!

Brenda R.

I have really enjoyed using the Meal Plans and included recipes to help me reach my goals. The “what’s for dinner?” Question has always been my nemesis and having something prepared and laid out for me for the week has been a real game changer. The plan and recipes give me inspiration and I can easily customize them to my needs.

Crystal B.

How Can The Macro Recipe Membership Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight doesn't require fad diets, food group elimination or white-knuckling it. You can eat a variety of delicious meals and lose weight at the same time. The secret is sticking to your macros and having access to the right recipes that will help you hit your goals with ease.

Our monthly membership was created as a way to solve the biggest struggles that we see with nutritionweight loss and sustainable eating.

These problems include…

  • Not knowing what to eat and not wanting to make separate meals for everyone in the house.
  • Feeling as though you need to eat boring diet foods to be successful with your weight loss goals.
  • Feeling lost as to how and what to meal plan and prep each week to hit your goals.
  • Not knowing how to put recipes together to fit your macros.
  • Feeling frustrated with recipes that are complicated, time consuming and inconvenient.

Our simple, macro-balanced recipes include your favorite meals with a high-protein twist. We make simple ingredient swaps to make sure your meals are healthy, delicious and macro + family-friendly.


Below are some of frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question here, be sure to reach out to me directly inside our private FB community.

Why pay for this membership with so many free recipes out there?

Our members find that they save a significant amount of time and money each week on planning meals and buying groceries by utilizing our plans which implement a level of structure and organization to their week that's hard to accomplish consistently on their own.
Our membership eliminates the dreaded “what's for dinner?” question each week. We diminish the thinking, planning, and stressing. Sure, the internet and social media are full of free recipes, but who has the time to scroll, save, and pin dozens of recipes? And let's be honest, how often do you actually go back to those saved recipes and make them?
Instead, we do the menu planning and grocery list making for you so that you have more time to take care of you and your loved ones. Our membership was designed for busy people who wish to eat well, hit their goals, nourish their families, and spend less time and money each week.

Are your recipes pre-logged in MyFitnessPal?

Yes, all of our recipes are pre-logged in MyFitnessPal! To find our recipes, search “FHM” + the name of the recipe. All recipes inside the FHM+ app list the pre-log information for you.

Are your recipes pre-logged in MyFitnessPal?

Yes, all of our recipes are pre-logged in MyFitnessPal! To find our recipes, search “FHM” + the name of the recipe. All recipes inside the FHM+ app list the pre-log information for you.

Can I use your recipes if I don’t count or track macros?

Absolutely! Macro balanced recipes are a great way for everyone to eat, even if you don’t track!

What makes your recipes macro-friendly?

Our recipes are high in protein and balanced in carbs and fats, which means they will fit into your macros and help you reach your goals!

What if I’m not great at cooking or don’t enjoy it?

We get it, which is why our goal is to make recipes so simple and easy that anyone with any skill level can make them. You can’t mess these up! We use minimal ingredients and keep the steps simple. As busy parents and professionals ourselves, we’re always looking for ways to make things as easy and accessible as possible.

Are you recipes suitable for the whole family?

Yes! Our goal is to help you make healthier versions of the common recipes that most families know and love. We’ve heard from dozens of members that even their pickiest kiddos enjoy our meals!

What's your cancellation policy?

To cancel your monthly membership, you can do that right in the app under the settings. There are no refunds once the payment has been submitted, so if you want to cancel the month to month, you must do it before it bills!

Macro Recipe Membership Pricing

Get exclusive recipes every week inside the FHM+ app!

  • 3 exclusive recipes each week (12 per month)
  • Quick and easy recipes, family friendly
  • Access recipes in one simple app
  • Weekly Meal Plans With Grocery Lists & Sample Macro Days


Get Started

Recipe + Workouts Membership Pricing

Get the whole package!

  • Everything in the recipe plan
  • 30 or 60 minute workouts
  • Workout at home or at the gym
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • All-in-one recipe + workouts app (FHM+)


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