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30 Minute Upper Body & Core Workout (Dumbbells Only!)

Grab a pair of light to medium dumbbells and let’s get to work on this 30-minute upper-body & core workout! In case you haven’t heard, lean, toned, STRONG, tank top arms are in this summer and you don’t need a lot of time or equipment to start building them.  This workout should take you about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete and it will leave your upper body feeling strong and confident! I took this workout directly from the FHM+ App where you can find multiple strength training programs to choose from, all designed to help you get … Read more


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GLP-1 Strength Training – Here’s Why It’s Important

GLP-1 weight loss medications are here to stay, there’s no questioning that. What is in question, though, is how to support those taking these medications so that they can look and feel their best and maintain their health throughout their medical weight loss journey. As a certified personal trainer and macro nutrition coach, I am always advocating for a high-protein diet and an exercise program that emphasizes weight training, but this is becoming even more important as more and more people are using GLP-1s to gain control over their weight and bodies. I want to preface this article by saying … Read more


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Dumbbell-Only Full Body Workout for Women (Beginner Friendly!)

Got 20 minutes? Grab a pair of dumbbells and let’s get to work!This full-body dumbbell workout for women will leave you feeling strong and accomplished in just 20 minutes. There’s no need to worry about spending hours in the gym, you can see great results and make significant progress towards your goals with short, intentional training workouts like this one. Inside the FHM+ App, we have 3, 3-day dumbbell-only full-body workout programs that show you how you can spend an hour or less per week on strength training and see incredible results. After you crush this workout, consider joining the app … Read more


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My Home Gym Equipment Must-Haves

If you follow me on social media @fithealthymacros, then you know that I work out from my home garage every morning and have done so for years. As an experienced workout-from-home gal, I have a pretty solid set of home gym must-haves. The following home gym equipment is what I personally use and what you’ll see required for my workouts inside the FHM+ App. If you’re looking to get set up for success with workouts from home, this list will help give you the direction and guidance you need. I think you’ll be amazed to see how little you really … Read more


Full Body Workout With Dumbbells Only (No Bench Required!)

Whether you’re just starting with strength training and have limited equipment at your disposal or looking for a dumbbell-only workout that you can do from anywhere without needing a bench, this full-body workout will be the perfect place to start.Strength training is one of the best forms of exercise – the benefits are plentiful! However, the more women I train, the more I realize that there’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to strength training. One thing that pops up often is that to get results, you need to spend an hour or more in the gym and … Read more


Glute Workout With Dumbbells Only

Glute-focused workouts are some of my favorite workouts to do. Why? Because we get the opportunity to build and sculpt the largest and most powerful muscles in our bodies!Aside from aesthetics (who doesn’t want a shapely, perky behind?), there are a ton of benefits to working your glutes including pain prevention, injury prevention, and improved functionality through activities of daily living. Think about it, we spend a lot of time using our glutes. We walk, run, squat down, sit, etc. The importance of strong glutes cannot be overstated. And the great news is that you don’t need to go to the … Read more


30-Minute Upper Body Workout At Home (Back, Chest & Biceps)

Grab a long loop band and a set of dumbbells and let’s get to work! This 30-minute upper body workout can be done from home and it focuses on working your back, chest, and biceps – 3 major muscle groups in the upper body!This workout should take you around 30 minutes to complete, not including your warm-up and cool-down. Click to expand! Purpose of This WorkoutEquipment RequiredCan This Workout Be Done Without Equipment?Dumbbell Only Upper Body Movement BreakdownRear Delt Squeeze With BandBanded Wide Grip Lat PulldownsBanded Single Arm Lat PulldownsDumbbell Reverse FlysLying Chest FlysNarrow to Wide Bicep CurlsHammer CurlsDumbbell Only … Read more


Barbell Workout for Ladies Routine

You have been working hard on your fitness goals. Creating a consistent routine. Building your strength, and not to mention your confidence! So now, you are ready to tackle one piece of equipment that can be quite intimidating… the barbell.  Table of Contents Purpose of This WorkoutEquipment RequiredCan This Workout Be Done Without Equipment?Ladies Barbell Workout Movement BreakdownBarbell RDLBarbell Bent Over Row Barbell Bicep Curl Barbell Front Squat Barbell Overhead Press Barbell Overhead Tricep Extension Ladies Barbell Workout Purpose of This WorkoutThis workout is aimed at teaching you how you can utilize the barbell in different ways to hit your full body. While you are … Read more


Strength Training for PCOS: Here’s What Works For Me

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015 when trying to conceive my first baby. It’s likely that I had this condition long before my diagnosis, but I was on birth control which masked my symptoms for 10+ years, so I can’t say for sure. I’ve also never found out the root cause of it, but I sure am working to manage it.Since my diagnosis, I’ve gone on to successfully have two healthy babies, but I still struggle with PCOS and the lack of information and solutions out there for those of us who have it. At this point in my … Read more


5 Day Workout Split For Women

In the fitness industry, we often get asked what the best workout split for women is. The answer you get will depend on the person you ask. And there’s a lot of people out there to ask these days.The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect workout split, there’s only what works best for you, your goals, and your abilities. The best workout plan is the one that you will actually stick to.That said, there are certainly more optimal ways to train than others. I have spent years trying to figure out what works best for my … Read more