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Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato

Skip the drive-through and enjoy our macro-friendly Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato from home! This recipe is so easy to make, has 13g of protein, and will satisfy both your need for caffeine and your sweet tooth! 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Recipe MyFitnessPal & MacrosFirst Pre-Log “FHM Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato”


The Best Protein Hot Chocolate (33g of Protein!)

Our High-Protein Hot Chocolate is out of this world good. Imagine the creamiest, richest cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever sipped on, but better because it contains a whopping 33g of protein! This steamy, dreamy cup of warmth and fuel is so simple to make that it’ll quickly become your new favorite way to warm up and hit your protein goal this cold-weather season. I have always loved hot chocolate. When I was a little kid, my dad would take me out to a diner on weekend mornings, it’s one of my favorite memories with him. I would always order … Read more


Low-Calorie Berry Sangria

Enjoy a robust, fruity sangria without all the excess sugar and calories. Our Low-Calorie Berry Sangria allows you to enjoy a refreshing cocktail while sneaking in a nice serving of nutrients and antioxidants from fresh berries. I have always been a red wine lover, so a deep red sangria that’s full of fresh fruit is right up my alley. Whether you’re making a pitcher for a summertime get-together or to enjoy on the back porch, this low-calorie sangria makes for a sweet, relaxing indulgence any time of the year. 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Recipe MyFitnessPal Pre-Log “FHM Berry … Read more


Berry Ranch Water (Low Calorie Cocktail!)

This low-calorie drink is bursting with flavor and refreshment while helping you to stay within your macros. Ranch Water is a bubbly drink that combines fizzy seltzer, smooth tequila, and zesty lime to deliver a flavor explosion that will keep you refreshed and relaxed! These days, I don’t consume a lot of alcohol, but when I choose to indulge, I like to pick drinks that are low in calories like my Low Calorie Strawberry Margarita, to ensure I’m still hitting my macro targets. Having a drink recipes like this Berry Ranch Water at the ready ensures that you can have … Read more


Low-Cal Berry Vodka Lemonade – Refreshing!

Summertime means refreshing drinks and fun in the sun! Luckily our Low-Cal Berry Vodka Lemonade is the perfect light drink to enjoy all summer long. This drink includes fresh berries for a natural flavor pop and is perfect for sipping on poolside. Macros & Nutrition Information Serving Size: 1 drink Macros Nutrition Calories 165 Protein 0g Carbs 5.8g Fat 0.2g You may also love our Low-cal macro-friendly frozen strawberry margarita recipe!


Low Calorie Frozen Strawberry Margarita – A Macro Friendly Drink

If I’m going to indulge in a drink, you better believe I’m going to pick one that’s bursting with flavor while remaining low in calories, and our Frozen Strawberry Margarita fits the bill perfectly! The only question you have to consider is: salt or sugar for the rim? Macros & Nutrition Information Serving Size: 1 margarita (¼ of recipe) Macros Nutrition Calories 152 Protein 0.6g Carbs 22.1g Fat 0g You may also love our low calorie berry vodka lemonade drink recipe!