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Meet Tami Smith, Founder

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Hi! I’m Tami: wife, mom, entrepreneur, certified macro coach, and personal trainer. I first discovered macros and strength training back in 2019 after having my second baby. I dove in head first, saw incredible results, and knew right away that this was a lifestyle I could manage and maintain.

One of the biggest sticking points for me when it came to macros was that most of the “macro-friendly” recipes I was finding required many ingredients, steps, and time. As a busy mom and entrepreneur who doesn’t particularly love cooking, this was a problem.

Because of my entrepreneurial nature, I’m always looking for solutions to problems, so I decided to create a space where macro-friendly recipes would be simple, easy, approachable, and free of fluff & nonsense (if you’ve ever scrolled through a typical recipe blog post, you know what I mean…).

Together with my team of registered dietitians and personal trainers, we’re helping goal-oriented people like ourselves eat WELL, train WELL, all while nailing our goals.

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Learn the holistic approach to sustainable weight loss through a complete macro lifestyle. Tami shares her journey, gives tips, interviews guests and much more on the Fit Healthy Macros Podcast!

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