My Home Gym Equipment Must-Haves

published: March 5, 2024

updated: March 5, 2024


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If you follow me on social media @fithealthymacros, then you know that I work out from my home garage every morning and have done so for years. As an experienced workout-from-home gal, I have a pretty solid set of home gym must-haves.

The following home gym equipment is what I personally use and what you’ll see required for my workouts inside the FHM+ App

If you’re looking to get set up for success with workouts from home, this list will help give you the direction and guidance you need. I think you’ll be amazed to see how little you really need to get started and to make significant progress all from home.

What’s In My Home Gym? These Are My Must Haves

The following are must-haves for your strength training workouts at home.


20 lb dumbbells for home gym

Dumbbells are the most important piece of equipment for your home gym space if you’re looking to weight train. If you’re just starting out, you can get by with having only 1-2 pairs, however, I recommend investing in a few or getting a pair of adjustable dumbbells that can grow with you. 

For regular dumbbells, I recommend something like this set as it’ll allow you to build and grow from home.

For adjustable dumbbells, I have this set and they have been fantastic. For a more budget-friendly option, this set has great reviews. 


resistant bands for home gym

There are 3 different types of bands that I recommend having at home for various workouts. 

  1. Booty bands - these are your basic booty bands that can be used to add tension and intensity to various exercises. I recommend getting a multi-pack with bands of varying tensions like this one
  2. Thick fabric bands - these bands add tension to your movements but don’t roll and ride up the way traditional bands do. I like to have a set with varying resistance like this one
  3. Long loop bands - this type of band is very important for your home gym if you don’t have a cable machine. Long loop bands allow you to replicate cable machine movements from home. Again, grabbing a set of bands with varying resistance will be your best option. 

Adjustable Bench

Having an adjustable bench will be very beneficial for various exercises, however, it’s not a deal breaker. I didn’t have an adjustable bench for the first couple of years of my fitness-from-home journey. It’s definitely a tool I would recommend adding to your collection as you’re able though. 

This bench has a ton of great reviews on Amazon and would make a very solid option.

For a more budget-friendly adjustable bench, this one will work just fine. 

Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are a fantastic tool to have in your home gym for exercises like hamstring roll-ins and various core exercises. Again, this is not a requirement, more of just a “nice to have” piece of equipment.

I have this ball and it has held up really well!

Weighted Medicine Balls

15 lb medicine ball for home gym
10 lb medicine ball by prosourcefit

Weighted balls or “slam” balls are nice to have for a variety of at-home exercises. Since they are weighted, they provide resistance for muscle training but can be used in movements where dumbbells aren’t the best option. 

There are various sizes and weights to choose from, be sure to select an option that suits your current ability.

I have this one. I also have this slam ball

Plyo Box

plyometrics box for home gym

Having a plyo box in your home gym can serve multiple purposes. You can use it as a step for step-ups, a bench for various hip thrusting movements, or a platform for plyometric moves like box jumps. 

This piece of equipment definitely falls into the category of optional, but if your budget allows, they are nice to have around.

I have this one

Workout Clothes

Unless you’re planning to workout naked, comfy, functional athletic wear is a must. Sure, no one is going to see you working out in your garage, basement, or living room, but it still feels good to wear clothes that fit and flatter! The way you feel absolutely makes a difference in your motivation!

I wear clothing primarily from two brands: 1st Phorm and Senita Athletics. I’ve tried dozens are athleticwear brands over the years, and these two are hands-down my favorite. Of course, I still like to grab the occasional Amazon, Target, or Old Navy find, but generally speaking, my favorite pieces are from these brands.

These are my favorite workout shorts ever. They’re super flattering, never roll or budge, and come in two different inseam options. 

This is my current favorite sports bra. It’s insanely comfortable, flattering, and supportive through all types of workouts. 

This is my favorite athletic t-shirt from Senita and these are my favorite shorts. 

You can use my code TAMI15 to save 15% off your Senita order!

Need a Home-Based Workout Plan?

With all the equipment and home gym must-haves in place, all that’s left is to join a program that allows you to make the most of them! You can join our crew inside the FHM+ App where you’ll enjoy home-based strength training workouts that are designed to help you get leaner, stronger, and more toned - all with minimal equipment!

Required equipment for FHM+ App workouts include dumbbells and bands. Any movements that utilize other equipment are given with at-home-friendly swaps. 

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