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Just Meats Review – My Thoughts After My First Box

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of Instagram posts from people in the fitness and nutrition industry talking about Just Meats, so naturally, it was only a matter of time before I had to try it for myself.  As someone who promotes eating a high-protein diet and is always down for convenient hacks, Just Meats appeared to be right up my alley. I recently finished my first box of Just Meats and am ready to share my full review of my experience. TLDR: I really enjoyed my box, I think it’s great for those of us following a protein-forward diet and … Read more


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Madeline Moves Workout App Review – My 6 Month Experience

As an avid home workout enthusiast, I take pride in trying all kinds of workouts and equipment, finding the things I love, and then sharing them here with you.Back in early 2020, running was my main form of exercise. I was doing Peloton runs just about every day and really enjoying it. However, my body eventually told me it had had enough of the intense jarring. I suffered a pretty debilitating hip injury that left me limping for months.To say I was devastated would be an understatement, but I knew that it was a sign that I needed to change … Read more


Macro Mentorship Certification Review (The Macro University!)

Table of Contents What is the Macro Mentorship Certification?Who is Macro Mentorship a Good Fit For?What’s the Course Like (Curriculum)?How Much Time Is Required?Additional Support & ResourcesMy Personal Experience With Macro MentorshipCost and How to Sign UpFinal ThoughtsGet Certified With Macro Mentorship Certification! Here I am in my living room learning all about the Macro Mentorship Certification to further my education and provide better service for my community!As someone who is committed to continuing my education and always leveling up my knowledge and skills so that I can best serve my clients and audience, I recently decided to get certified … Read more