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Factor Meals vs Nutre Meals – Which Meal Delivery Is Better?

published: February 9, 2024

updated: February 9, 2024


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Signing up for a meal delivery service is a great way to simplify your life while still being able to stick to any kind of specialty diet that you’re following. In our household, my husband and I follow macros. This helps us manage our weight while also making sure that we can keep up with our fitness goals.

We recently tried both Nutre Meals and Factor Meals. Which one is the better option? Let’s take a look at what they both bring to the table (literally!).

The Hot Takes

Most popular

Nutre Meals

  • Nutre Meals has a large selection of meal options for gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, diabetic-friendly, low-carb, low-calorie and protein + diets.
  • Nutre Meals don’t contain artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • You can easily count your macros with Nutre Meals portioned meals that are fresh, never frozen.

Choose Nutre Meals if…

  • You like the option of one of their specialty diets.
  • You want the option of choosing meals, separate meats, snacks, add-ons, etc.

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Factor Meals

  • There are over 35 different dietitian-designed meal options available every week from Factor Meals.
  • It takes just minutes to heat up your Factor Meals, and then they are ready to eat.
  • Culinary experts make sure that Factor Meals taste great but are still healthy.

Choose Factor Meals if…

  • You would like the additional support of nutritional coaching.

What Are Nutre Meals?

two chicken nutre meals

Created in 2017 by the Perrina brothers, Nutre Meals was inspired by the need to prepare meals for their diabetic father that would be healthy, nutritious and easy to heat. A large selection of meals are now available through Nutre Meals, all created by an expert team of dieticians and chefs. In addition to meals, you can also add on things like snacks, protein balls and juices.

What Kind of Food Is Offered by Nutre Meals?

Providing balanced meals that are nutritious and delicious, Nutre Meals caters to a number of diets. This includes:

  • Plant-based options
  • Foods for weight loss
  • High protein
  • Diabetes-focused options

Their menu consists of chicken dishes, low-carb options, lots of great veggies and more.

My Experience With Nutre Meals

chicken nutre meal

My husband and I have used Nutre Meals as a way to stay on track with counting our macros. My husband uses this diet to adhere to his fitness goals regarding building muscle. I personally like to count my macros to stay energized and maintain my weight.

We have a few Nutre Meals that we purchase consistently, but we also like to try some new items here and there as well. In addition to well-rounded meals, we like to grab some of the add-ons, like a big package of Cajun chicken or some protein balls.

What Are Factor Meals?

grabbing a factor meal (factor75)

Factor Meals features over 35 different meals on a weekly basis. Designed by dieticians and nutritionists, these are fresh, never-frozen options that are balanced and nutritious. You can add on other items to your order, such as desserts, smoothies and snacks. Factor Meals is a little different from other meal delivery services because it offers the ability to connect with a team that provides nutrition coaching.

What Kind Of Food Is Offered By Factor Meals?

There is a large variety of food options available from Factor Meals, including ketogenic, vegan and vegetarian menus. They tend to be protein-focused with vegetables sides and low-carb overall.

You can view the Factor Meals on the company’s website without having to sign up. Their current menu includes options such as:

  • Shredded chicken taco bowl
  • Jalapeno lime cheddar chicken
  • Sour cream and chive chicken
  • Creamy mushroom chicken and rice
  • Mexican-style beef and refried beans

My Experience With Factor Meals

I have ordered a couple of weeks worth of Factor Meals in the past. The company often runs discounts that make their products more affordable, and you can usually add on products like wellness shots for a minimal fee. That was what got me to try this brand.

I liked the flavor and variety that Factor Meals has to offer. However, my diet fits more with what Nutre Meals has to offer. I don’t really like the additional carbs that are in a lot of the Factor Meals inclusions.

Comparison Section Between Factor Meals vs Nutre Meals

While both of these companies deliver healthy meals right to your door, I feel that they are very different in regard to what they offer, their quality, etc. Let’s see how they compare.

Comparing Meals and Diets They Cater To

While both of these companies provide meals that cater to very specific diets, I feel like Nutre Meals has more options overall. Being able to choose between gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, diabetic-friendly, low-carb, low-calorie and protein + diets is ideal.

Factor Meals also caters to certain diets, but I didn’t feel like there were quite as many options available. Like I said, low-carb options were a bit limited.

Comparing the Quality and Freshness of Food

I have to say that I liked the quality and freshness that both of these companies had to offer. However, Nutre Meals won me over just slightly more. When it comes to vegetables, it’s hit or miss whether they’re going to be mushy and overcooked. Nutre Meals’ vegetables still had a little crispness to them and were cooked perfectly. They reheated really well.

Comparing Pricing (Cost per Meal)

It’s a little expensive to have ready-to-heat meals delivered to your doorstep, but I’ve found that it’s easy to budget for this concept if you’re using it as an addition to make your meals at home. If you need a quick meal after a busy day at work or you want to grab a quick lunch that adheres to your diet, this is when Nutre Meals and Factor Meals are perfect.

Nutre Meals allows you to choose your meals by 5, 10, 15 or 20 counts each week. Five meals works out to be $64.95 per week, 10 meals is $127.90 per week and 15 meals is $179.85 per week.

Factor Meals cost approximately $124.90 for 10 meals per week, $172.35 for 15 meals per week and $219.80 for 20 meals per week.

What Are the Main Differences Between Nutre Meals and Factor Meals?

I personally found the quality to be a little different between these two companies. Nutre Meals felt like you were reheating homemade food, whereas Factor Meals has more of that prepared food taste that you get from frozen foods and such.

Also, the selection that Nutre Meals provides was much better for what we were looking for in our household. I like the different specialty diets they focus on.

Final Thoughts

It can be overwhelming to plan and prepare meals that are focused on a specific type of diet. Especially if you want to count macros, watch your protein intake or reduce your carbohydrate intake, all of that analysis can really take up time. While I like to cook and have some tried-and-true meals that I know work for us, I love having prepared meals ready to go when we need them. This is an ultra-convenient option if someone in the house is sick, if we had a late day at work or we just woke up late and don’t have time to prepare lunches for the road.

Both Nutre Meals and Factor Meals offer some great-tasting options that will work for a number of diets. I like both of these brands and continue to order regularly from Nutre Meals.

My Recommendations

I find that it’s really important that you like the food that you’re eating when you’re trying to eat healthy and stick to a diet. If you’re forced to eat bland menu items that you don’t enjoy, you’re less likely to stick to your plan. I recommend that you take a look at Nutre Meals and Factor Meals to get an idea of what they are currently offering. See which company provides you with the types of meals that you’re looking for with the ingredients that you like.


Nutre Meals is better for…

  • A large variety of specialty diets
  • Freshness and flavor
  • People who want the option of picking up (in select areas)

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Factor Meals is better for…

  • Menu options that are similar to what you’re used to
  • Hearty, balanced meals that incorporate carbs, protein, fats, etc.

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