1st Phorm (In-Depth Review and Why I Chose It)

published: October 14, 2023

updated: October 25, 2023


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In this article, I’m going to share my review of 1st Phorm supplements, but I first want to tell the story of how I came to get familiar with this brand and why I chose to represent it.

I know there’s some controversy out there regarding whether or not 1st Phorm is an MLM, it’s not. Yes, they have Legionaries, but their referral and affiliate system is not structured like an MLM. I covered this very topic in a YouTube video, which you can check out here

My whole family uses 1st Phorm supplements and sports the brand’s apparel line. We enjoy many of 1st Phorm’s products and feel more than confident sharing and recommending them to others. Below is my review of 1st Phorm’s most popular products, the ones I use, and who I think this supplement brand is a good fit for.

My Introduction to 1st Phorm

I was first introduced to 1st Phorm the way I imagine many people are, through social media. I was following a couple of women who consistently showed up on Instagram using 1st Phorm supplements and talking about the company’s challenges. After seeing a number of posts and stories that seemed to be very genuine, I decided to try 1st Phorm for myself.

It was at the start of the Fall 2021 8-week challenge and I was ready to get my fitness and nutrition in check and the challenge sounded like it was right up my alley. I got signed up for the 1st Phorm App and ordered some foundational supplements to get started. 

To make a very long story short, I loved the app, the people, the products, and the mission that 1st Phorm had. I felt connected to the brand and as if I was a part of something bigger. 1st Phorm makes you feel as though you’re part of a team or community, which can often be hard to accomplish with our busy, mostly online lives these days.

After seeing great results with the 8-week challenge and truly getting behind the mission at 1st Phorm, I decided to inquire about becoming a Legionaire myself. My desire to become a Legionnaire can be largely attributed to the fact that my Legionare coach was stellar! Nothing was ever salty or pushy, it was always coming from the perspective of helping. 

Popular 1st Phorm Products Overview & My Experience

I want to start by noting that 1st Phorm offers a ton of supplements and products, many of which I have tried and loved, and others I have not. For the purpose of this review, I’m going to focus on and share my favorite 1st Phorm products with you as well as the ones that are most popular with influencers (the products you’ve probably heard the most about!).

Protein Powder

1st Phorm offers two different kinds of whey protein powder: Level-1 and Phormula-1. Each protein powder has its own unique set of benefits and recommended usage. Personally, I prefer and most utilize Level-1 protein as it’s the most versatile for me. However, my husband uses Phormula-1 every day, which means we always have both options stocked in our home.

Level-1 is a meal replacement protein powder. It’s designed to deliver sustained assimilation, which means that it mimics the digestion of whole foods while preventing muscle breakdown and promoting muscle repair and growth. 

level 1 protein

What I love about Level-1 is that it’s hands-down one of the best-tasting protein powders on the market. It mixes really well, comes in some phenomenal flavors, and never has a gritty or chalky texture. It has 24g of protein per serving and 140 calories. 

I use Level-1 for making high-protein treats and desserts, in my Ninja Creami creations, and for an easy, protein-packed snack when I need something quick and satisfying. It’s great to bake with and is really easy on my digestive system, which is sometimes hard to find with a whey protein powder. 1st Phorm also offers a vegan protein powder (Vegan Powder Pro), however, I don’t believe I have tried that so I can’t speak on that one specifically.

Phormula-1 is a whey protein isolate that’s designed for rapid assimilation. What this means is that the particular formula is best taken immediately post-workout to allow the protein to get to work repairing your muscles quickly. Phormula-1 is best paired with Ignition, a rapid carb source that also plays an integral role in your post-workout recovery. 

phormula-1 protein and ignition

Although I don’t use Phormula-1 and Ignition as often as I reach for my Level-1, there are so many reasons why I really enjoy this product. First, it tastes amazing. You might have seen people on Instagram talking about how they look forward to their Phormula-1 + Ignition post-workout, they’re not lying - it’s truly delicious, smooth and super creamy.

My husband uses Phormula-1 + Ignition daily and loves it. The reason why I don’t drink it daily post-workout, honestly, is due to the fact that it’s costly from a calorie perspective for me. Phormula-1 on its own is only 100 calories and contains 20g of protein, which is great, but pair it with Ignition and you’re looking at an additional 170 calories and 43g of carbs. This is a very worthwhile investment of your macros for many people, especially those who train hard, but that’s not the place I’m in with my fitness at the moment.

Collagen With Dermaval 

1st Phorm’s collagen is one of my all-time favorite supplements and the one that I’m probably the most consistent with taking. Why? Because it makes the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee!

collagen supplement

I notice such a drastic difference in the strength and appearance of my hair, skin, and nails when I consistently use Collagen With Deramaval. I love using French Vanilla or Salted Caramel in my coffee every morning with a splash of creamer, it makes my coffee so smooth, creamy, and flavorful, plus I’m getting a ton of bone, joint, and beauty benefits. 

One thing that is definitely a slight “con” about this product is the fact that it costs nearly $50 for a 1-month supply when you can get a much less expensive option on Amazon or at the grocery store. I will say that, based on my experience, the quality of your collagen matters as far as the results you can expect. 1st Phorm’s collagen has several types of collagen plus it contains Dermaval which is an added bonus for the beauty side of things. Do your research and if your budget allows, I definitely recommend investing in a higher-quality collagen product like 1st Phorm's.

Opti-Greens 50

I’m not going to sugar-coat this one, I don’t like greens powders, therefore I don’t use Opti-Greens 50. I have tried it and it was a hard no for me. I see some people talk about how good it tastes, but that’s not my experience. It tastes like grass and dirt, which makes sense, but I just can’t bring myself to drink it daily.

opti-greens 50 supplement

Some people swear by greens and the 16k+ reviews on 1st Phorm’s website for Opti-Greens 50 suggest that it’s a very popular and effective product, but if you’re like me and just really can’t stomach the taste of greens, it might not be worth the investment.


Megawatt and Project-1 are two really popular pre-workout supplements offered by 1st Phorm. I own and have used on many occasions both of these products. Both pre-workout options work really well in that they deliver an immediate surge of energy, more mental clarity, and even a more defined focus when you’re in the gym. 


Megawatt contains nootropics for enhanced clarity and focus and Project-1 is more of a full-spectrum pre-workout that also contains really important and helpful ingredients like 5g of creatine per serving. I would recommend doing your research on these products and choosing the one that feels most aligned with your needs.

It’s rare that I use a pre-workout supplement, I would rather just wait and have my coffee post-workout, and I’m a little too sensitive to caffeine to have both.

Energy Drinks

Speaking of caffeine, 1st Phorm’s energy drinks are another great source. 1st Phorm’s energy drinks were only launched in the last year or two but they’ve already made a huge impact on the company as it’s been one of the most popular and universally loved products the brand has launched!

energy drinks

1st Phorm Energy Drinks contain zero calories and zero sugar and they provide a really smooth,crash-free burst of energy. Again, I’m really sensitive to too much caffeine, so I limit my consumption of these, however, my husband drinks these daily and loves them.

Micro Factor (Daily Nutrition Packs)

Micro Factor is a daily micronutrient packet recommended for optimal health. These individual daily packets contain effective doses of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed to support immune health, metabolism, brain function, heart health, etc.

micro factor powder

When I first became introduced to 1st Phorm, I took Micro Factor pretty regularly as it’s one of the brand’s foundational supplements. I didn’t necessarily notice any major changes when taking Micro Factor so I discontinued taking them primarily due to the monthly cost. I do think it’s a great product, however, I eat a wide variety of whole-natural foods and take a daily women’s multivitamin, therefore I personally don’t believe there’s a ton of extra benefit for my situation.

Kiddo Series

I love that 1st Phorm has a Kiddo’s Series! So often we end up purchasing supplements for the family from multiple different places, which can get annoying, especially if shipping rates are involved.

kiddos supplements

As I am writing this, my kiddos are 4 and 7 years old and they both love the Kid’s Gummy Multivitamins (M-Factor Kiddos) and the Opti-Kids nutritional shakes!

1st Phorm App

The 1st Phorm App is where I got my first real experience with the brand as a whole, not just the supplements they offer because truly 1st Phorm is about so much more than products. 

I wrote a whole review on the 1st Phorm App, so I won’t go too in-depth here but suffice it to say that I think it’s one of the best apps for macros, workouts, and accountability out there. App subscribers get a ridiculous amount of value out of the 1st Phorm App for a really low monthly cost.

If you are someone who wants to track macros, learn about nutrition, have accountability, and get access to dozens of workout programs, I can honestly say that the 1st Phorm App is one the best values out there for that.

Who Would I Recommend 1st Phorm To?

1st Phorm can be a polarizing brand, which I love. They aren’t on the fence with their mission or messaging, they stand firmly on one side and believe 100% in what they’re doing. In my experience, 1st Phorm really appeals to those who have gritty, go-getter mindsets. Those who want to work hard in the gym and in life in general. It appeals to those who value purchasing products from brands they trust and connect with. 

1st Phorm does not have the cheapest products on the market, so that is something that you’ll want to take into consideration. However, they definitely provide products with integrity that they stand behind, which can’t be said for most supplement brands. These days, it’s important to be intentional about where we spend our money and what we spend it on. I recommend doing a little research into 1st Phorm as a brand, grabbing a product or two to try, and then deciding if the value is worth your continued investment.

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