Nutre Meals Review – What We Ordered For Our Macro Diet

published: February 7, 2024

updated: February 9, 2024


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It can be overwhelming at times if you’re following a macro diet. Counting your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates on a daily basis can lead to limited meal options and difficulty staying on track. I personally have been using a macro diet to help manage my weight and keep me on track with my health. My husband also follows a macro diet to help him with muscle gain.

We recently came across Nutre Meals, which has helped us tremendously with our meal planning. While we still do a lot of our own cooking, Nutre Meals has been a great way to give ourselves a break during a busy day. Let’s take a look at Nutre Meals and what it offers for a macro diet.

Nutre Meals (Popular)

The Hot Takes

  • Nutre Meals offers a large variety of unique and flavorful meal options.
  • Made with natural ingredients and no fillers or anything artificial.
  • Based on clean, portioned eating.
  • Delivered conveniently to your doorstep.
  • These are fresh meals, never frozen.
  • You can choose from a variety of meal types, including gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, diabetic-friendly, low carb, low calorie and protein +.

Delivery Area

You can receive Nutre Meals deliveries if you are located in New England, the tri-state area or certain spots on the east coast. There is also a pickup option available if you are located within a certain area near Nutre Meals headquarters in Peabody, MA. Available states are below:


Choose Nutre Meals if…

  • You are looking for healthy, pre-made meals that allow you to easily count your macros and control your protein, carb and fat intake.
  • You find it daunting to come up with meal plans, shop and prepare your food according to your macro diet.
nutre meals high protein macro-friendly

Nutre Meals Discount Code

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Other Macro-Friendly Meal Delivery Services to Consider (Alternatives)

While Nutre Meals provides a number of really tasty options, you may prefer one of these alternative macro-friendly meal delivery services:


On the Trifecta website, you can preview some of the meals that they have available. These are whole-food-based plans that follow a variety of diets, like keto, paleo, clean and plant-based. In addition to choosing a meal plan, you gain access to the Trifecta personalized companion app and a network of nutrition experts that will help you on your journey.

Compare: Trifecta vs Nutre Meals

Factor Meals

Factor Meals offers 35+ dietitian-designed meal options that are fresh, never frozen. There are also add-ons available, such as snacks, desserts and smoothies. Nutrition coaching is also available from Factor Meals.

Compare: Factor vs Nutre Meals

Fresh N Lean

I love Fresh N Lean because they have a great selection of organic meal options that are delivered right to your door. The company uses FDA-approved measures to make sure that your food is safe from contamination and foodborne illness. All Fresh N Lean products are free from GMOs and artificial preservatives.

My Experience and Review of Nutre Meals

nutre meals by each macro friendly meal

Healthy eating is something I’ve long prioritized in my life. When I got married and became a mother, I spent more time than ever planning and considering the foods we were eating every day. As my husband and I have paid more attention to our diet as a complement to our fitness journeys, we’ve learned to count macros and plan our meals that way.

I typically don’t mind meal planning, shopping and cooking. However, there are days when I just don’t feel like doing it. Rather than neglecting our healthy diets, we’ve started using Nutre Meals as a way to meet all of our macro requirements while still consuming plenty of nutritious meals.

We each have our own favorite meal options. We usually eat them as a quick lunch, which saves us so much time! The variety of Nutre Meals is excellent, especially from a macro-friendly standpoint, so we’re always trying something new and exciting.

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The Ordering Process

nutre meals stacked on my kitchen counter

Ordering from Nutre Meals is quite simple. You start by entering your email address and zip code. You’ll then be directed to a page that lets you know if you can receive deliveries where you’re located. You can also opt for pickup if this is available where you are. You then set up an account and can start looking through the different meals and foods that are available.

If you have a specific diet that you’re following, you can filter your results that way. The first order that I placed included:

Bulk 1LB Cajun Chicken (1) – Medium @ $14.99

This bulk Cajun chicken was the perfect way for us to meet our protein goals. I often grabbed a few pieces as a snack, but it was also great to throw on top of rice or a salad. This is a staple item in our house now that even our kids will munch on.

Cake Batter Protein Balls (1) – Medium @ $12.99

I personally have a very big sweet tooth. I don’t like to have candy and unhealthy sweets in the house, so this was the perfect option. Being that they contain protein, they actually contribute to my protein consumption rather than just existing as empty calories.

Ancho Chili Chicken with Spanish Cauliflower Rice (1) – Medium @ $12.99

This is the perfect way to monitor your carbohydrate intake while ensuring you’re getting enough protein. It’s really flavorful.

Zesty Shredded Chicken with Vegetable Rice Pilaf (1) – Medium @ $12.99

My husband is a big fan of this meal option and asks me to put it on every one of our Nutre Meals orders. The vegetable rice pilaf has a ton of flavor. The vegetables aren’t soggy, and the rice doesn’t have that hard texture that is common with a lot of reheated meals. The chicken packs a lot of punch with regard to flavor.

Turkey Burger Bowl with Special Sauce (1) – Medium @ $12.99

This one makes me feel like we’re eating fast food takeout, but in a much healthier way. These turkey burgers are super lean, full of protein and taste great.

Italian Chicken Tenders with Garlic Parmesan Green Beans (1)

When we’re in the mood for a really low-carb meal option that still promises lots of flavor, we turn to these Italian chicken tenders with garlic parmesan green beans.

The Delivery Process

I was curious how our first delivery was going to arrive. Shipments can be so unpredictable, but I was happy to see that all of our meals came in a condensed box with plenty of ice packs. Everything was still really cold. I’ve ordered other meals that arrived slightly cool, making me wonder if the food inside was still safe. There was no question with our Nutre Meals delivery that everything was cold, fresh and ready to be eaten.

How Did I Like Nutre Meals Cajun Chicken?

The Cajun chicken is one of my favorites. It’s great because of how versatile it is. It pairs well with anything else you want to make on the side, or you can simply eat it on its own. The flavor is remarkable.

How Did I Like The Chicken Tenders With Garlic Parmesan Green Beans?

The chicken tenders are juicy and moist. They didn’t dry out at all when I reheated them. The garlic green beans were cooked to perfection. Some meal delivery services provide vegetables that end up being mushy or soggy. That wasn’t the case with these ones.

How Did I Like Nutre Meals Turkey Burger Bowl With Special Sauce?

This is one of my favorite meals when I’m super hungry and want to feel like I’m eating a cheat meal. The special sauce is awesome, with just the right amount of spices and flavor.

How Did I Like Nutre Meals Cake Batter Protein Balls?

There are 12 grams of protein in each cake batter protein ball. They’re super delicious and not too sweet. Honestly, it’s one of my new favorite macro-friendly snacks and treats.

What is Nutre Meals?

Nutre Meals is a meal delivery service that provides healthy and nutritious food options created by a team of dieticians and chefs. Based on flavor and quality, Nutre Meals are single-serve, ready-to-eat meals that arrive fresh every time you order. There are also homemade snacks, desserts and cold-pressed juices available.

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Who Owns Nutre Meals? A Look Behind the Brand

Nutre Meals was created in 2017 by the Perrina brothers. After coming up with healthy meal options for their diabetic father, they realized that there was a need for this type of service. Healthy, convenient and fast meals are the basis of Nutre Meals. After expanding their menu options over the years, they now cater to a number of diets and lifestyle preferences. The Perrina family has a lot of experience in food preparation, as they have an Italian restaurant business in the Boston area.

What Type of Food Does Nutre Meals Offer?

Various single-serve, ready-to-eat meals are available through Nutre Meals, including homemade snacks, treats and cold-pressed juices. You can shop according to gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, diabetic-friendly, low-sodium, low-carb, low-calorie and protein + diets.

Can You Lose Weight Eating Nutre Meals?

Nutre Meals provides a lot of different meal options that can help you with your weight-loss journey. Following a macro diet is a great way to focus on fitness and weight management. You can also choose your meals to reduce carbohydrate intake and keep fat consumption to a minimum. If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll want to stick to Nutre Meals which are high in protein but low in calories. A lot of the foods I covered earlier fit into this category and are a great place to start.

Are Nutre Meals High in Sodium?

Not only are Nutre Meals relatively low in sodium, but you can specifically choose from their low-sodium meal selections if you’re trying to watch your intake.

How Long Do Nutre Meals Last?

You can keep your Nutre Meals in your refrigerator for about seven days after they have been delivered.

How Much is Nutre Meals Per Month?

Meals per week

Price per meal

Monthly total

4 meals/week

approximately $12.99 per meal

just under $260 per month

6 meals/week

approximately $12.79 per meal

$511.60 per month

8 meals/week

approximately $11.99 per meal

$719.40 per month

12 meals/week

approximately $10.99 per meal

$879.20 per month

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Final Thoughts

In our household, we have found Nutre Meals to be a great option for conveniently adhering to our macro diet. These meals are so good, flavorful and fresh. Even though we purchase them as a way to make our lives a little easier throughout the week, there are days where we crave one of the foods we’ve ordered over the things we prepare ourselves.

By supplementing our regular meals with Nutre Meals, we’ve been able to keep things affordable and stick to our macro diet and fitness goals.

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