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20 High Protein Meals Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

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30 minutes or less high protein meals


I’ll be the first to tell you that if a recipe looks like it’s going to take too long or be too complicated, I’m out. As a busy mom and business owner, getting a meal on the table to feed my family has to be convenient, quick, and able to help me hit my macros for the day.

This is the exact reason why my team and I create macro-friendly, high-protein meals that skip all the fuss. If you need a high-protein meal ready to eat in 30 minutes or less, we have you covered.

30 Minutes and Under - High Protein Meals

Here are 20 of our most popular recipes that will be your new go-to’s during busy weeknights. Each of these recipes contains a minimum of 25g of protein per serving. And if you love these, be sure to check out our best macro friendly recipes hand picked from our members.

1. Egg Roll In a Bowl

egg roll in a bowl

This recipe includes just 4 ingredients, is ready in 20 minutes, and contains 26g of protein. Egg Roll In a Bowl is a staple meal when I’m in a dieting phase because you really can’t beat the macros.

2. Mexican Tortilla Pizza

one mexican tortilla pizza with veggies

This has been one of our most popular quick, easy, high-protein recipes to date! It’s so easy to throw together, is totally customizable, and gives you 27g of protein in just 15 minutes.

3. Veggie Taco Skillet

vegetable taco skillet macro friendly

Another one-skillet meal that’s ready in 25 minutes and packs a powerful punch of protein with 33 total grams. Plus, this skillet is loaded with veggies, so you can ensure you’re getting those micronutrients in, too.

4. Turkey Sloppy Joes

turkey sloppy joes

If you’re looking for a family-friendly meal that you can have on the table in 30 minutes, our Turkey Sloppy Joes are always a hit. Plus, the 37g of protein per serving ensures the whole crew is filled and fueled.

5. Unstuffed Pepper Skillet

Unstuffed Pepper Skillet

Stuffed peppers are great, but can be a little time-consuming on busy weeknights. Instead, try our Unstuffed Pepper Skillet! Ready in 20 minutes, minimal cleanup, and 36g of protein per serving.

6. Copycat McChicken Sandwich

healthy McChicken Sandwich

Why stop by the drive-through on the way home when you can have a healthier version at home in 27 minutes? Making our Copycat McChicken Sandwich will not only save you time, it will also make a much more nourishing option for your family dinner. The 33g of protein takes things to the next level.

7. Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

bowl of chicken caesar pasta salad

Juicy chicken, crunchy romaine, and soft pasta collide to bring you the ultimate grab-and-go dinner experience ready in just 30 minutes! Our Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad is bursting with flavor and protein with 37g per serving.

8. Thai Chicken Wrap

Thai Chicken Wrap

When you’re in a hurry, it really doesn’t get any easier than our Thai Chicken Wraps! 27g of flavorful protein will be ready to eat in just 10 minutes (with some prepared chicken breast on hand!)

9. Restaurant Style Taco Salad

cool looking taco salad

If you’ve ever experienced an authentic Taco Salad at a Mexican restaurant, then you know just how good they are! We re-created the experience at home and designed it to be ready to serve in just 30 minutes with 35g of juicy protein. 

10. Personal BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza night! But make it healthy, quick, and protein-packed. These Personal BBQ Chicken Pizzas are a community favorite, with each pizza offering a hefty 37g of protein per pizza.

11. One-Pot Lasagna

This is perhaps one of the most loved dishes in the FHM recipe lineup to date. The ability to get a delicious pot of lasagna on the table in just 30 minutes with 35g of protein feels almost too good to be true!

12. Chicken Fried Rice

With 44g of protein and so much flavor, you won’t believe how easy it is to get this one-pot Chicken Fried Rice on the table and served to your family. 25 minutes in the kitchen is all it takes!

13. Sheet Pan Chicken Parm

high protein meal - sheet pan chicken parm

Sheet pan meals make dinnertime a breeze; quick, easy, and minimal cleanup! 30 minutes, 30g of protein - that’s what you’ll enjoy from our healthy twist on the classic chicken parm!

14. Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet

Who says you have to save pasta dishes for nights when you have a lot of time to spend preparing them? Our creamy Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet is ready in just 30 minutes and contains 35g of protein. 

15. Chicken Enchiladas

Our Chicken Enchiladas are so delicious and the fact that they have 35g of protein per serving is just the icing on the cake! Pop these in the oven and you’ll have a satisfying meal ready in 30 minutes.

16. Spicy Salmon Bowls

We make use of ready-made protein to whip up these Spicy Salmon Bowls i just 10 minutes. I’m pretty sure this is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to hit 37g of protein while enjoying every bite!

17. Pizza Pasta Skillet

Another one-skillet meal for the win! This family-approved Pizza Pasta Skillet will be a new favorite in your home thanks to its high protein content (30g per serving) and delicious flavor profile. 

18. Honey Garlic Salmon Sheet Pan

I can’t decide which is more convenient; one-pot meals or sheet pan meals…let’s call it a draw because both have made their place on this list multiple times! Our Honey Garlic Sheet Pan delivers juicy salmon in 20 minutes that contains 35g of high-quality protein.

19. Loaded Burger Bowls

Don’t let the fact that this recipe is showing up at the bottom of our list fool you, this is easily one of the most popular and raved-about recipes we have. Each serving contains 30g of protein and is ready to serve in just 20 minutes.

20. Buffalo Chicken Wrap

I’m a sucker for anything Buffalo Chicken, but make it with 51g of protein and we’re on a whole new level. Our Buffalo Chicken Wraps are unbelievably good and ridiculously easy to make.

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