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15 More Macro-Friendly Cottage Cheese Recipes

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A few months ago, I published a recipe roundup that included 15 of our favorite high-protein recipes that contain cottage cheese, and you all have loved it! So, I decided to create another roundup of 15 More Macro-Friendly Cottage Cheese Recipes!

I never dreamt I would be so passionate about cottage cheese, but here I am, proudly sharing my cottage cheese-based recipes with the world! All joking aside, adding cottage cheese to your recipes is a fantastic way to boost your protein intake, increase the creaminess of a dish, and enhance the flavor. Most of the time, you won’t even taste it!

So here they are, 15 More Cottage Cheese Recipes to enjoy!

High Protein Sheet Pan Nachos With Cottage Cheese Queso Sauce
These fully loaded nachos are insanely satisfying thanks to the powerful punch of protein we pack in with the chicken breast and cottage cheese queso sauce.
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cottage cheese nachos with 23g of protein
Cottage Cheese Tortilla Pizza
When you’re craving pizza, but also need to hit your protein goal – we have you covered! Our Cottage Cheese Tortilla Pizza is a single-serve entree that includes 37g of nourishing protein.
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low-carb tortilla pizza with cottage cheese
Southwest Egg White Casserole
If meal-prepped breakfasts are your jam, our Southwest Egg White Casserole is going to be your new go-to for a quick, easy, and high-protein breakfast.
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Southwest Egg white Breakfast Casserole
Cottage Cheese Taco Bowl
All your favorite taco flavors, without the shell! Our Cottage Cheese Taco Bowl is full of flavor and protein and it makes the perfect meal-prepped lunch!
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Taco Bowls made with cottage cheese
Cottage Cheese Mac & Cheese
The same creamy, indulgent mac and cheese that you love, but with a creamy kick of extra protein thanks to the cottage cheese cream sauce base. This recipe is a must-try for the whole family!
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High Protein Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese
Buffalo Chicken Alfredo
Creamy alfredo sauce meets tangy buffalo sauce to provide a flavor explosion worthy of all your cravings. And the best part? This pasta dish is packed with protein from the cottage cheese alfredo sauce and tender, juicy chicken breast.
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Buffalo Chicken Alfredo
High Protein Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla
Imagine enjoying a crispy, flavor-packed quesadilla that also helps you nail your protein goal…that’s what you’ll get with your High Protein Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla! This easy recipe is ready in minutes and will be your new favorite quick lunch or dinner.
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macro friendly Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla With Cottage Cheese
High Protein BBQ Ranch Chicken Bowl
Tangy BBQ sauce, cool ranch, and creamy cottage cheese meld together to perfection in our High Protein BBQ Ranch Chicken Bowl! This recipe went viral, and as soon as you try it, you’ll see why.
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Cottage Cheese Banana Bread
There are few things as comforting as a warm slice of freshly baked banana bread. We took banana bread to the next level by beefing it up with extra protein while still delivering a moist, satisfying snack that’s sure to fit your macros.
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Banana Bread made with Cottage Cheese
Single Serve Protein Brownie
Cottage cheese in brownies?! Don’t knock it before you try it! Our Viral Single Serve Cottage Cheese Brownie Bowls offer the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth while still hitting your macros.
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Cottage Cheese Protein Brownie Bowl
Cottage Cheese Queso Dip
The only thing extra about our Cottage Cheese Queso Dip is the protein content. We love queso, and this elevated dip will have you enjoying it for more than you thought possible while still keeping your nutrition in check.
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Cottage Cheese Pizza Toast
Low calorie, high protein, and insanely delicious, our Cottage Cheese Pizza Toast is perfect for a savory snack or quick lunch.
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Low calorie cottage cheese pizza toast
Single Serve Cottage Cheese Cheesecakes
With 31g of protein per cheesecake, this recipe is going to be your new favorite macro-friendly dessert! Add the toppings of your choice and make this recipe all your own.
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No Bake, Single Serve Cottage Cheese Cheesecakes
Berry Cheesecake Protein Shake
When you need a quick, easy snack or treat, give our thick, creamy Berry Cheesecake Protein Shake a try! This delicious, nutrient-dense shake is packed with 31g of protein to help you crush your protein goal.
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berry protein shake made with cottage cheese
Buffalo Ranch Cottage Cheese Flatbread
My take on the viral cottage cheese flatbread trend! I added my favorite flavor combination, spicy Buffalo chicken and creamy ranch to make a protein-packed wrap that you can make into whatever your heart desires!
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high protein flatbread made with cottage cheese

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