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Macro-Friendly Aldi Haul: My Top Healthy Aldi Choices!

I’ll be honest, up until a couple of years ago, I thought Aldi was a crappy grocery store. Sounds snobby, I know, but I want to be honest with you.

I remember going as a kid and being totally mystified at the fact that they made you “pay” for a cart and your grocery bags. I mean, what kind of crap is that? Fast forward to now and I can so clearly see the reasoning behind those business practices and actually applaud Aldi for being so consensus about the environment (less plastic bag waste) and the state of their parking lot (who likes seeing random carts abandoned all over the place, waiting for a gust of wind to send them sailing directly into your car?).

A couple of years back my mom mentioned that she was frequenting Aldi to get some of her weekly staples for less. So I decided to give it a shot, too.

Since then, I’ve been a frequent flyer at Aldi, shopping there every month. I am always finding a ton of great macro-friendly foods, which is why I wanted to share my top picks with you!

If you’re following a macro-based diet or would like to start, it’s always nice to know what to be on the lookout for at your favorite grocery stores. Since my other macro-friendly finds have been so popular, I know that you’re going to love this Aldi haul!

Popular macro-friendly store finds:

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Why Shop At Aldi For Macro-Friendly Foods?

Before I share with you my top picks for healthy, macro-balanced foods at Aldi, I want to give you a few compelling reasons to shop there if this grocer isn’t currently on your radar:

  1. Lower Prices. Whether you’re on a budget or not, when you see the exact same products in one store as another but it costs half the price, why wouldn’t you go with the less expensive option? Produce is one section that sticks out to me at Aldi - their prices are so much cheaper than my other grocery stores and they are literally offering the exact same product. 
  2. Different Products. Aldi has their own line of products to choose from, plus they’re always bringing in new, different products for us to pursue. Anyone who has shopped at Aldi can attest to the thrill of finding a great “Aldi find.”
  3. It’s Accessible. There are currently 2997 Aldi stores in the US in 39 states, so chances are there’s one nearby.

Macro-Friendly Foods At Aldi - Breakdown By Category

Here’s what I found during my latest trip to Aldi! Keep in mind that the products change frequently, but these protein, carb, and fat sources should be able to provide you with some inspiration as far as what to look for during your next trip.

Macro-Friendly Aldi Protein Sources

  • Rotisserie-Style Pulled Pork
  • Broccoli Stuffed Chicken
  • White Wine Pepper Sauce Chicken
  • Egg Life Egg White Wraps
  • Castle Wood Oven Roasted Deli Chicken Breast
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Pork Loin Filet 
  • Lean Ground Beef (93/7)
  • Kirkwood Fresh Ground Turkey (93/7)
  • Friendly Farms Protein Yogurt
  • Two Good Greek Yogurt
  • Protein Cinnamon French Toast
  • Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken
  • Elevation Protein Bars
aldi tyson chicken for protein source
two good yogurt protein

Macro-Friendly Aldi Carbohydrate Sources

  • Loven Fresh Bagel Skinnys
  • Loven Fresh Flatbread
  • Loven Fresh Pita Bread (whole wheat)
  • Loven Fresh Protein Bread
  • Benton’s 100-Calorie Cookie Packs
  • Lesser Evil Popcorn
  • Pop Corners Chips
  • Simply Nature Dark Sea Salt Granola
  • Millville Protein Granola
  • Millville Lite Maple Syrup
  • Simply Nature Keto Coconut Clusters
  • Simply Nature Seven Grain 90-Second Rice
millville granola protein oats

Macro-Friendly Aldi Fat & Mixed Macro Sources

  • Perfect Bars
  • Spinach Parmesan Tzatziki with Greek Yogurt
  • Happy Farms Light String Cheese
  • Happy Farms Creamy Cheese Wedges
  • Happy Farms Whipped Cream Cheese Spread
  • Friendly Farms Low Fat Cottage Cheese
  • Whole & Simple Turkey Sausage & Spinach Omelet Breakfast Bites
  • Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Sundae Shoppe Chocolate Covered Bananas
  • Season’s Choice Harvest Grain Bowls
  • Millville Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix
perfect bar aldi mixed macro source
turkey sausage and spinach breakfast bites

Wrapping Up

The next time that you breeze through your neighborhood Aldi store, keep these items in mind as you search for macro-friendly staples and finds that can help you to stick to your macros and stay on track. 

Keep in mind that you might not find the exact same items that I did, but my goal was to find the staples so that you have a loose guideline of what to look for! I use these staples to make a myriad of macro-friendly recipes for myself and my family, and as a bonus, when I shop at Aldi, I save a ton on my grocery bill! A win-win.

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