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Macro Cheat Sheet PDF – Here’s What To Eat

Whether you’re brand new to macro tracking or you’ve been at it for awhile, a macro cheat sheet is a really handy tool to have at your disposal.

Learning how to stick with your macros is essential for reaching your goals, but remember, you don’t have to hit your macros perfectly all the time. In fact, striving to do so will only serve to create stress, anxiety, and an unhealthy relationship with food and tracking. As long as you’re hitting your macros within 5-7g of each macro, you’re going to see incredible results!

A macro cheat sheet can be a great reference for the times when you’re seeking ways to hit your numbers and need a little inspiration. The more experience you get with tracking macros, the more you’ll begin to identify what foods contain which macronutrients. However, while you’re still a beginner, you’re going to want to have this macro cheat sheet handy!

Before you download the cheat sheet, make sure you have your personalized macro targets ready to go!

Free PDF

Macro Cheat Sheet

An easy-to-read PDF that shares foods for protein, carbs and fats!

What’s a Macro Cheat Sheet?

A macro cheat sheet is a quick reference guide that outlines some of the most common protein, carb, and fat sources that will help you hit your daily macros. A macro cheat sheet contains easy, simple, straightforward suggestions for what foods you can eat to hit your macro targets.

We hear from people all the time that they’re always coming up short on protein, over on fats, etc. Instead of playing around with your foods and guessing, our macro cheat sheet contains a quick list of easy-to-access foods that you can drop into your tracker and help ensure you’re meeting your macros. 

This cheat sheet covers suggestions for:

  • Protein sources
  • Carbohydrate sources
  • Fat sources
  • Protein + Carbs
  • Protein + Fat

Who’s The Macro Cheat Sheet For?

Anyone! Regardless of whether or not you track macros, you’ll gain valuable insights into the foods that you’re eating. No matter what your eating habits or lifestyle is, you’ll find that you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to add appropriate protein, fat, and carb sources to your diet to keep yourself balanced and fueled.

For those who track macros or who would like to start, having a cheat sheet of the three macros handy will be invaluable as you navigate your first few weeks of tracking. While the concept of tracking macros is not overly complicated, there is most definitely a learning curve to be aware of and, if you’re like me, you’ll take all the tools you can get to get a running start!

A simple macro cheat sheet can be just what you need to start practicing awareness of your food choices and playing around with your selections to see what kind of impact they make on your day.

How to Use It

Using our macro cheat sheet is simple. We recommend downloading it and saving it to your phone. Glance over it to get an idea of what types of foods you can find on there from each category and then put it to use as you’re planning out your day of food.

One of my biggest macro-tracking tips is to pre-log your food. Sticking to your macros is exponentially easier when you have a plan - but you can’t plan if you have no clue how to fill your macros. Here’s our recommendation for using our macro cheat sheet:

  • Open your predferred macro-tracking app (here’s our list of the best macro trackers)
  • Take out your macro cheat sheet
  • Identify what protein sources you’re going to eat at each meal during your day - we always recommend starting with protein and building your plate around it!
  • Log your protein sources
  • Take a look at the carb and fat sources on your cheat sheet and choose the ones that you’d like to enjoy with your protein sources - log those
  • See where you’re at with your targets - if you’re still off on one or more target, go back to your cheat sheet and identify the options that will fit well based on your preferences and what you have available to you.

Remember, this is just an example of some of the most common macro sources out there -this is not an exhaustive list. We encourage you to play around with foods and food combinations to find the ones that not only fit your macros, but that suite your preferences, too!

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Free PDF

Macro Cheat Sheet

An easy-to-read PDF that shares foods for protein, carbs and fats!


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