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75 Hard Macro-Based Diet Plan (With PDF)

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I am NOT recommending any specific diet plan to anyone. Nor am I any kind of authority when it comes to 75 Hard. I have, however, completed the program a couple of times (and attempted it a few others…), and am more than happy to share what my 75 Hard diet plan looks like.

I won’t go into detail on what 75 Hard is or the rules, I assume that if you found your way here, you are already aware of that. If not, the program is 100% free and can be found online.

Anytime I share that I am doing 75 Hard, I get questions regarding what the diet plan is. This is because the program does not specify a diet plan, which is fantastic! Everyone has different goals, needs, and preferences. However, this can also cause some people to feel confused and unsure of where to start or what they should do.

This article will go over how I dial in my macro-based die for 75 Hard, including what recipes I use to make sure I’m eating well and nailing my macros.

75 Hard Task #1: Follow a Structured Diet

This is the exact literature from andyfrisella.com regarding following a diet:

“You must follow a diet geared toward YOUR GOALS ... and follow it for 75 days with zero deviations, zero excuses, zero alcohol, and absolutely NO CHEAT MEALS.

Your diet can be whatever you want it to be (Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, etc.) ... as long as it is aligned with your goals.”

A lot of people give the program a lot of flack for being too restrictive, but this is clearly not true. You can literally follow any kind of diet plan that you want. You just need to do it consistently and make sure it’s in alignment with your goals. 

Macros for 75 HARD

If you’re planning to follow a macro-based diet for 75 Hard, your first step is to define your goals. Are you looking to lose weight? You’ll need to eat in a calorie deficit. Gain weight? Calorie surplus. Maintain your current weight but change your body composition (reduce fat, increase muscle). Calorie maintenance.

If you aren’t sure what your calorie and macro goals should be in relation to your goal, here’s how to figure it out:

  1. Use my free online macro calculator. This will give you a decent place to start, especially if you’re new to tracking macros. 
  2. Calculate your own macros. 
  3. Purchase a one-time macro count from me. This will be a hand-calculated macro count that will be tailored to your unique and specific goals, plus you’ll get my 20-page Getting Started With Macros Guide which is jam-packed with tips and resources for getting started.

Once you have your macros ready to go, you’ll want to set some dieting parameters to remain compliant with your 75 Hard diet plan.

Macros Aren’t a Free For All

One of the biggest draws to eating a macro-based diet is the fact that there are no foods that are “off limits.” You can eat everything in moderation, so long as it fits your macros. Now, there are obviously food choices to be made that are better or worse as far as your health and satiety go, but you can truly make anything fit if you’d like to.

That being said, if you’re following the 75 Hard program correctly, you won’t be letting everything fit because that would fall under the “cheat meal” category. You’ll want to design your macro meal plan tactfully so that it includes foods that you will enjoy and that will help you hit your macros, but without being too loosey-goosey and not staying in integrity with your 75 protocols.

Set Your Standards

If you’re planning to follow macros during 75 Hard, set some parameters for yourself. Define what foods are “cheat foods” and avoid them during your 75 days. Remember, this is supposed to be a mental challenge. Yes, it’s hard to say no to certain foods in certain situations, but this is where your mental toughness and fortitude have the chance to show up.

My 75 Hard macro diet plan excludes common treats like ice cream, cake, candy, etc. I don’t eat these things while doing 75 Hard, even though I could technically fit them in my macros. The point of the challenge is to get a little uncomfortable. Saying no and not giving in to urges will be uncomfortable, but this is part of the process that will allow you to come out the other side with a whole new set of standards for your life.

Find Your Foods

When you know what you’re NOT going to eat, that should still leave you with plenty of things that you will be eating throughout the program. If you’re planning to track macros and stick with them throughout the duration of 75 Hard, then you’re going to need plenty of high-protein foods and recipes to help keep you on track and nailing your macros. 

This does not need to be complicated! You don’t need to cook fancy meals, you don’t need to eat separately from the rest of your family, and you don’t have to eat bland, boring “diet” foods. You can eat WELL, hit your goals, and stay on track with 75 Hard.

Whether I am on 75 Hard or not, I use the recipes that can be found in the FHM+ App. All FHM recipes are macro-friendly, easy to make, require minimal ingredients and steps, and are family-friendly.

Our goal is to help you eat in alignment with your goals without sacrificing all your time, money, family values, and soul in the process. We create healthier, lightened-up versions of your favorite meals so that you can enjoy your food, hit your macros, and achieve your body composition goals. 

I also utilize supplements like collagen and protein powder to help me hit my macros to enjoy myself while doing it. We have a ton of protein powder-based treats that will help you curb your sweet tooth without going off plan. 

75 Hard Macro Meal Plan

As promised, I’m going to share a PDF download with you that contains sample macro days that can be used for 75 Hard (if you’re following similar dietary guidelines as I do). The sample macro days are the exact ones that I share every week inside my Weekly Macro Recipes Membership inside the FHM+ App. There are examples for 2 generic calorie goals: 1500 & 2000. Obviously, you will need to adapt them to fit your macros, but these will give you a fantastic place to start!

What Will You Get If You Join The FHM+ App?

If you decide to join the FHM+ App, you’ll get:

  • A minimum of 3 brand new macro-balanced recipes every week (works well for keeping 75 Hard interesting!)
  • A weekly meal plan to help you plan your week and stay on track (no more scouring IG and ad-cluttered recipe blogs to crowd-source recipes for the week)
  • A weekly grocery list
  • 2 sample macro days for 2 different macro needs to help you learn how to put the pieces of your meal plan together

Reminder: this is what works for me. This may not be in alignment with what works for you. 

Download Sample Macro Meal Plans from FHM+ App

When I’m following 75 Hard, these are the exact meals and recipes that I use to stay on track with my plan. I’ve included a bunch of samples for you. If you’d like to enjoy new plans weekly, join our membership and get access to all our app-exclusive recipes, new recipes each week, weekly meal plans, sample macros days, grocery lists, and more.

P.S. If you need a solid workout plan to push yourself with throughout 75 Hard, we’ve got you covered there, too! Our Weekly Macro Recipes + FHM Active Membership is the best $20 you’ll invest in yourself all month.

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Download The Sample 75 Hard Diet Plan

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