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Just Meats Review – My Thoughts After My First Box

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of Instagram posts from people in the fitness and nutrition industry talking about Just Meats, so naturally, it was only a matter of time before I had to try it for myself. 

As someone who promotes eating a high-protein diet and is always down for convenient hacks, Just Meats appeared to be right up my alley.

I recently finished my first box of Just Meats and am ready to share my full review of my experience.

TLDR: I really enjoyed my box, I think it’s great for those of us following a protein-forward diet and enjoy convenient, tasty protein options. I asked the company if they could give me a coupon code to share with you, it’s JUSTTAMIS for $15 off your order!

just meats teriyaki

My Ratings On Just Meats

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

Based on my experience with Just Meats, I would give this meat delivery service a 8.3/10 overall. I came to this conclusion by analyzing the following:

Just Meats Review

Experience with the brand: 9.5/10

The website was easy to navigate, read, and understand. I placed my order easily, and delivery was explained well.

just meats box and food

Delivery: 6/10

After placing my order, I received several emails and text messages confirming my order and updating me on shipping dates/times. Unfortunately, I live in Florida and my box was delivered in the May heat. My food came just slightly cold – whereas it should have been delivered much colder. I didn’t feel that the integrity of the food was damaged, but I definitely feel as though better packaging is needed for hot climate/season deliveries.

Taste: 8/10

I ordered 6 different meats to try with my first order. All of them tasted really good, but a couple of them weren’t mind-blowing. I love that the meat is already seasoned, but then you add the special packet of sauce while cooking to infuse it with more flavor and juiciness.

Convenience: 9/10

There’s nothing like having your protein already prepped and ready to go. With Just Meats, all you need to do is warm your meat up in a skillet, which still takes a few minutes and a dirty dish, but it’s a lot easier than prepping a protein from scratch.

Nutrition: 8.8/10

As far as nutrition goes, Just Meats is very macro-friendly, meaning it’s high in protein and balanced in carbs and fats. The Just Meats dishes are directly aligned with the style of eating I prefer. All servings contain a minimum of 30g of protein each and each container contains 4 servings.

Quality: 9/10

From the first Just Meats container I opened, I noted that there was little fat and “gross” parts to the meat. The meat is lean and sliced with care. According to the brand’s website, the meat is all grass-fed and grass-finished beef without any artificial colors or flavors, which is a major bonus.

What Is Just Meats?

Just Meats is just as the name implies, meats! Unlike most meal prep delivery services that package and send you full meals, Just Meats provides just the protein portion of the meal, leaving you to add your favorite sides.

unboxing just meats food

Personally, I think this concept is genius as the most time consuming part of meal prepping is usually protein and it’s typically pretty bland proteins that you prep. With Just Meats, you get a nice selection of not only different meats but different flavor combinations that can make your meals a lot more enjoyable.

Just Meats offers a selection of chicken, pork, and beef options, all with different seasonings and sauces to make them uniquely flavorful. 

Users can choose between a subscription or a one-time purchase, which is phenomenal as many people despise being locked into a subscription. 

The meats are precooked and packaged securely leaving you to simply reheat them on the stove and add the special sauce when you’re ready to eat.

The Meats I Tried

I tried 6 different types of meat in my first box:

  • Smoke Texas Brisket
  • Hawaiin Teriyaki Beef
  • Texas Rub Chicken Thigh
  • Hawaiin Teriyaki Chicken
  • Texas Pulled Pork
  • Sweet and Spicy Pork
just meats dishes

I enjoyed all of the options I got, however, I definitely find myself more satisfied with the chicken and pork options vs beef. Pre-cooked, pre-sliced beef tends to be a bit chewy. 

I paired all of these options with things like rice, veggies, salads, pasta, etc. I really enjoyed the fact that I could customize my sides, especially as I was feeding my family – we all got to get what we wanted! 

Who Should Try It?

Just Meats is a good fit for those who want easy, convenient protein options on hand that they can simply heat and eat. For anyone who wants to coneveientce of done-for-you protein choices without entire meals delivered, Just Meats is a fantastic option.

If you’re following a high-protein diet and need easy, tasty protein options, you’re going to love this.


Obviously, purchasing pre-cooked premium meat delivery is going to be a tad pricier than going the DIY route. Just Meats costs anywhere from $2.25 to $4.49 per serving, which might feel like a steal for some and a high cost for others – it really depends on how much you value your time. 

Just Meats will most certainly save you time each week, but I’m not sure about money. You’d have to price out your typical protein expense and then factor in your time, too. For me, it’s very worth having a box of Just Meats in the refrigerator ready for us to get dinner on the table quickly during busy weeknights. I also love warming up a container and having it for lunch with my husband.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve seen Just Meats and its piqued your interest, I say go for it! I love that Just Meats lets you choose a one-time delivery so in case it’s not for you, you can just move on without having to deal with cancelling a membership. 

If you decide to try Just Meats, don’t forget to add my code at checkout to get $15 off your order!


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