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Loaded Baked Potato Salad (Macro-Friendly!)

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bowl of loaded baked potato salad

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Our macro-friendly Loaded Baked Potato Salad is sure to become an instant BBQ and get-together must-have! Between the hearty potatoes, savory bacon, and creamy cheese, you'll enjoy every single bite full without the guilt thanks to a simple, healthier swap!

Potato salad makes an excellent side dish for parties, events, and for having on hand for summer weeknight side dishes, and light lunches. We took the classic potato salad, lightened it up by swapping the mayo for tangy Greek yogurt, and added in bacon and cheese to take it to the next level when it comes to flavor!

3 Reasons Why You'll Love This Recipe

  1. Easy summer side dish. Whether you need a dish-to-pass for a party or event or just to have an easy cold dish in the refrigerator for weekday lunches, this macro-balanced Loaded Baked Potato Salad will hit the spot and it's almost effortless to make!
  2. Macro-Friendly. Most potato salads really lack in the protein department, but the inclusion of bacon and Greek yogurt gives this dish a nice little protein boost that'll help you reach your daily target.
  3. So much flavor. Any recipe that has the word “loaded” pretty much guarantees that you're going to be in for a flavor explosion. This Loaded Potato Salad recipe is no exception! You're in for a treat.

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bowl of loaded baked potato salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Tami Smith
Our Loaded Baked Potato salad is a delicious twist on the classic potato salad that's perfect for every get together! This savory creation combines the comforting goodness of baked potatoes with the rich flavors of cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and tangy Greek yogurt dressing.
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 6
Calories 130 kcal


  • 1 Large Pot
  • 1 Cutting Board
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Large bowl
  • 1 Spoon
  • Measuring spoons/cups


  • 4 cups chopped potatoes, 1 inch pieces (Idaho, Yukon, etc.)
  • ¼ cup chopped bacon pieces
  • ½ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese, reduced fat
  • 2 tbsp green onions, chopped
  • ½ cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp light mayo
  • 2 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 2 tbsp pickle relish
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • Begin by boiling the chopped potatoes in a large pot of salted water. Cook them until they're fork-tender, which should take about 10-15 minutes.
  • While the potatoes are boiling, cook the chopped bacon pieces until they're crispy. You can use a skillet over medium heat for this. Once cooked, place them on a paper towel-lined plate to drain excess grease.
  • In a small bowl, mix together the nonfat Greek yogurt, light mayo, Dijon mustard, and pickle relish. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and let them cool slightly. You can also rinse them with cold water to speed up the cooling process.
  • Place the chopped potatoes in a large mixing bowl and pour the creamy dressing over the potato mixture. Combine until everything is lightly coated.
  • Add the shredded sharp cheddar cheese, chopped green onions, and the bacon pieces, and gently toss.
  • Cover the potato salad and refrigerate it for at least an hour before serving. Chilling will allow the flavors to meld together and make the salad even more delicious.
  • Before serving, give the potato salad a final toss to ensure the dressing is evenly distributed. You can also garnish with additional chopped green onions and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese if desired. Enjoy!


Feel free to customize this loaded baked potato salad by adding your favorite toppings such as diced tomatoes, chopped fresh herbs, or even a drizzle of hot sauce for an extra kick.
For a vegetarian version, omit the bacon and consider adding some sautéed mushrooms or grilled vegetables for added flavor and texture.
This potato salad tastes best when chilled for at least an hour before serving, but it can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days.


Calories: 130kcalCarbohydrates: 14.5gProtein: 7.5gFat: 4.9g
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