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Here at Fit Healthy Macros, we bring you simple, no-nonsense nutrition education, recipes, and strength training workouts all designed to help you hit your goals and look & feel your best.

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Meet Tami

Hi! I’m Tami: wife, mom, entrepreneur, macro coach, and personal trainer. I first discovered macros and strength training back in 2019 after having my second baby. I dove in head first, saw incredible results, and knew right away that this was a lifestyle I could manage and maintain.

One of the biggest sticking points for me when it came to macros was that most of the “macro-friendly” recipes I was finding required many ingredients, steps, and time. As a busy mom and entrepreneur who doesn’t particularly love cooking, this was a problem. 

Because of my entrepreneurial nature, I’m always looking for solutions to problems, so I decided to create a space where macro-friendly recipes would be simple, easy, approachable, and free of fluff & nonsense (if you’ve ever scrolled through a typical recipe blog post, you know what I mean…).

Together with my team of registered dietitians and personal trainers, we’re helping goal-oriented people like ourselves eat WELL, train WELL, all while nailing our goals.

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What Our FHM+ App Members Are Saying

Deborah C.

FHM Recipe Member

I have tried several recipes in your meal plans. I have enjoyed every one of them. They’re simple to make, flavorful and emphasize protein, which is something that I’m always looking to do. I’m also impressed that the recipes include main meals, snacks and desserts. Lots of yummy options 😋

Kerry W.


An entire week of delicious meals with macros already calculated, amazing and easy recipes, AND a grocery shopping list?! YES please!! I love how simple and easy the weekly meal plan is to adjust to my personal needs and tastes. The recipes are easy to follow and the food actually tastes good instead of like you're missing something. The snack ideas are great, as I always struggle to find good options. For a busy mom who doesn't diet, loves to eat and has limited time - this is the best thing since sliced sprout bread! Thank you FHM!


FHM Recipe Member

Awesome App!! Amazing Recipes and Workouts!!!
First of all, the customer service is outstanding! The owner will respond as soon as you have a question or need help. The app is awesome! You get all the macro friendly / high protein delicious recipes and the workouts all in one place. The workouts are super challenging. The recipes are easy to make and always come out great. If you are thinking about going with macros, this app has everything you need to be successful. For context I am a man, my goals are to build muscle. I have already added 10 lbs of muscle. This brand makes it realistic hitting my macro targets, doing the workouts and eating these recipes. I always look forward to the new recipes and the workouts never get old plus they are challenging - I’m up in all of my major lifts and I feel great! great job to FHM+ and thank you! I needed this!



Affordable and Doable
I realize I am only in my first week but I have been watching from afar for awhile. Having come from another macro tracking and fitness site, I find this one to be far more affordable with similar features. The recipes are actually doable and taste good! While you are not following a video of people leading exercises, I do enjoy the format of the exercises once I figured out how to follow along. As with most new things you have a period of trial and error and it takes time to figure out the app (especially as you get older). Once you get the hang of it though, you should be good to go.


FHM Recipe Member

Really enjoying the app. Workouts are great. I like that you give a 30 or 60 minute option for all workouts plus an option for full body if you want to do those instead of splits. The recipes are great also. I love that you provide pdf’s to print. You really give a lot of value for the price. I highly recommend trying this app. I don’t think you will be disappointed!



Everything you need in 1 place

This app has everything nutrition and exercise you need. She has weekly meal plans as well as each meal has its own printable recipe card!! You have the super detailed workouts with a short visual clip of how to do that exercise! You can schedule your workouts and meals in the calendar. The price of the monthly membership is well worth what you pay.


FHM Recipe Member

Love the recipes
Your recipes are balanced, tasty and easy to put together!



Love it!
This app is a huge timesaver for me and helps with meal prepping tremendously!

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