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35 Best Macro Friendly Recipes – Quick, Easy and Tasty!

Healthy eating does not need to be boring! I repeat: You are not required to dine on cooked chicken and broccoli in order to track macros and reach your goals. If you previously held this belief, this is going to be the best news you heard all day.Better yet, this list of easy macro-friendly recipes that I’m about to share is going to have you re-thinking your whole approach to eating a healthy, balanced diet that’s also conducive to hitting your goals. Many of these recipes can be done in 30 minutes or less!Nutrition and fitness play a big role … Read more


15 Budget-Friendly Healthy Meals for Families

Committing to feeding your family healthy meals without spending a fortune can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. We’re committed to staying on track with our nutrition and fostering a healthy relationship with food for our children, but we run into the issue of cost. Why does “healthy” food have to cost so much, right?I totally get it. I used to think that I had two options when it came to feeding my family: buy what’s cheap and not nutritionally dense or shell out bucko bucks for foods and ingredients that fell within the realm of “healthier.”But this beautiful thing … Read more


15 Healthy, High-Protein Macro-Friendly Recipes For You And The Family

Here at Fit Healthy Macros, we specialize in helping you to eat high-protein, recipes that are macro friendly, simple to make and taste amazing. We have hundreds of recipes that fall in this category and new exclusive recipes each week inside our membership. But here are 15 of our all-time favorites! These recipes are not only favorites in my home, these are community favorites as well. Table Of Contents Healthy, High protein Macro-Friendly Recipes For You And The Family To Enjoy!1. Healthy Loaded Burger Bowls2. One Pot Lasagna3. Personal BBQ Chicken Pizzas4. High-Protein Egg White Breakfast Bake5. Cottage Cheese Chicken … Read more


15 High Protein Cottage Cheese Recipes You’ll Absolutely Love

If you feel like cottage cheese has suddenly become the hottest ingredient in the recipe space, you’re not wrong. Cottage cheese seems to be everywhere these days, even in places where we’d never imagine we’d see it (Ice cream?! Smoothies?! Cookie dough?!). I’ll be honest, I was skeptical to join in on this trend as I hadn’t eaten cottage cheese since I was a kid. One day I decided it was gross and just never looked back. Thankfully, I took a chance and started eating and cooking with cottage cheese, and whoa – the hype is real! I’ve seen and made … Read more


What Are The Best Macro Tracking Apps? I Tried A Handful!

It’s hard to have accountability with your diet unless you have the right information. That’s why I’m always thrilled when my clients decide to use macro trapping apps. As a nutritionist, I see the way that we can all easily overestimate, underestimate, or be oblivious to how much we’re really taking in. I also know that all calories are not created equal.”Consistent tracking is a significant predictor of weight loss,” according to a 2017 clinical analysis. Macro counting allows you to get the right calorie amounts from the right sources for optimal health, muscle mass, and fat burning. I want … Read more